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Big green egg update

The big green egg has performed admirably this weekend. It has now maintained a constant internal temp of 250 degrees for the last 25 hours. I must add that is without replenishing charcoal at all. In fact i have hardly touched it during the entire cooking process. I started the afternoon yesterday prepping the grill for a long slow cooking process. I made smoked pork spareribs yesterday afternoon and smoked kielbasa. After dinner last night I put on a pork shoulder to cook overnight to have pulled pork tonight for dinner tonight. The pork shoulder has been cooking for almost 20 hours now and should be ready to come off the grill. I’ll wrap the pork in foil and let it rest for about an hour before pulling it apart. I’ve been basting the roast with Crispin “The saint” hard apple cider which is fermented with Trappist ale yeasts and maple syrup. I think maybe that this is the best hard cider I have ever had.


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